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About Us


Years ago, I found myself doing fieldwork among the most beautiful wild mango trees in Chad. Not one to waste an opportunity for incredible fresh fruit, I was introduced to a family where the mother and kids proceeded to expertly climb the trees in the hot sun to harvest mangoes for me to eat. Once I had eaten my fill, I went to pay far more than the 25 cents (CAD) they were charging me, and as I went to hand the money to the wife I was told "You must hand the money over to the father as a sign of respect." Sitting off to the side, never having lifted a finger and never having even looked up to acknowledge my existence was the father.

I felt a knot of anger and frustration in my heart as I customarily handed the money over to the father, and I thought to myself, This happens everywhere around the world in different ways, and it’s wrong.

- Evelyne Nyairo, M.Sc., P.Biol.

Ellie Bianca

Ellie Bianca is a proudly Canadian, all-natural, environmentally sustainable, socially conscious skin care line that recognizes beauty in all forms and supports the empowerment of women through business and education.


Our Founder

Ms. Evelyne Nyairo, M.Sc., P.Biol.

Growing up in Kenya, Evelyne was immersed in a culture of stark gender inequality that conditioned young women to believe that expectation and privilege differed between men and women. Despite this, she developed an admiration for the resilience and grace of the women within her community. Their quiet strength coupled with their beautiful, healthy skin became a foundation of beauty for Evelyne that she knew she wanted to share.

Inspired by her daughter, Eliana, her rich heritage, and her passion for the environment, natural beauty and healthy living, Evelyne set out to help create a world where every woman has the opportunity to embrace and own her strength and beauty inside and out.

Evelyne has personally developed authentic connections with producers through her 15+ years of working globally in Environmental and Social Sustainability, and Stakeholder Engagement. Spending much of her professional experience in Africa, Europe, and North America, has allowed her to develop key relationships for sourcing natural, sustainable, and ethical ingredients of the highest quality.

It was through these connections that Evelyne observed the process of harvesting raw shea from the land and recognized the opportunity for an eco-friendly, naturally nourishing ingredient that also supported the women who were manually harvesting and processing this resource.

Ellie Bianca is the embodiment of Evelyne’s life’s work as an Environmental Scientist / Chemist, African-Canadian woman, and proud mother, and was established as a means to make an important difference that is powerful and sustainable.

Our Pillars

Kind to your Skin

At Ellie Bianca, we believe that beauty is more than an aesthetic, and that’s why each of our products is carefully formulated using all-natural ingredients that have been specifically chosen for their quality and effectiveness.

When formulating our products, we consider both environmental and social factors, because skin care needs can vary significantly from person to person, and we are simply passionate about making all natural skin care accessible to whomever we can.


Kind to the Earth

The shea tree (butyrospermum parkii / vitellaria paradoxa) can take up to 10 years or more to mature enough to bear fruit, and may take up to twice as long to fully mature. Once mature, shea trees have a generous yield per harvest and can bear fruit for several generations.

Ellie Bianca products are centered around raw, unrefined African shea butter and oil, which are not only incredibly rich in skin loving properties but also come from the shea nut, which can be sustainably harvested and prepared. Along with the nutritious fruit itself, working with shea means nothing goes to waste.

Our shea butter and oil is sourced in person by our Founder, Evelyne Nyairo, and through Ellie Bianca it is our goal to bring people closer to where their products come from and in so doing bring people closer to each other and the environment.

In addition to the shea butter and oil, the herbs, plants and botanicals that are used in Ellie Bianca products have been chosen based on their history of healing and fortifying generations around the world.

We are so proud to say that Ellie Bianca products contain ingredients that are:
  • Vegan
  • All Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty-Free*
  • Ethically and Sustainably Sourced
  • Certified Organic / Organically Grown

*Our ingredients and products are personally (and happily!) tested by our amazing team!


Kind to Women

Ellie Bianca is passionately committed to bettering the lives of women around the world by empowerment through business and fair trade. Our fundamental ingredient, shea butter/oil, is personally sourced by our Founder from women-run co-ops in Africa, nurturing not only the skin but also the souls of the communities from which it comes.

We whole heartedly believe in the ability of women to work together towards a common success, and we actively seek to connect with and learn from female entrepreneurs, because it is through the sharing of knowledge that we grow as people and as a company.

From sourcing to producing to purchasing, Ellie Bianca is more than just skin care. It is about empowering women through confidence, pride and love. By sharing our story, and the stories of others, we wish to deliver a message of hope that inspires more women everywhere to pursue their dreams.

Ellie Bianca is here to spread the message that beauty is so much more than an aesthetic.