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Quick and Healthy Snacks for your Skin Type

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Preparing to go back to school can be a headache. Between purchasing school supplies, clothes and other back to school essentials plus, making lunch for yourself and your kids, is likely one of the last things you want to do. We’ve created three easy to make and take snacks to nourish you and your loved ones from the inside out.  

Correctly fuelling your body with the right nutrients based on your skin type is important. Choosing the right foods rich in antioxidants, collagen and vitamins is a proactive way to prevent signs of early aging and naturally protect against free radical damage.  

 Dry skin 

Dry skin desires deep hydration from naturally nourishing foods. Foods rich in omega fatty acids are the perfect supplement for dry skin. If you have dry skin, hydration is another factor to keep in mind. Drink one half to one full gallon of water a day and watch your skin transform from dull to radiant.  

Walnuts contain a surprising 2542 mg of omega fatty acids per serving. Have a nut sensitivity? Try adding chia seeds to your morning smoothie or opt for some delicious salmon at lunchtime.  

Acne-prone skin  

Acne-prone skin is skin inflamed. Choose foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory and nutrient dense. Staying properly hydrated is also important for anyone experiencing acne breakouts. Water helps flush out toxins which means clearer skin. 

A variety of fruit options exist that are anti-inflammatory and delicious. Consider picking up some blueberries or cherries next time you hit up the grocery store.  

Well-lived skin  

Your body needs certain nutrients to perform specific functions. Premature aging can happen as a result of not getting enough nutrients from the food. Consider adding foods full of vitamins, fatty acids, collagen and more! Bone broth, watermelon, avocado, sweet potatoes and spinach are just a few of the skin-altering foods you can integrate into your diet to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  




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