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Locally Yours

July 22, 2018

Locally Yours

What does local mean to you? At Ellie Bianca, "local" is more than a fad word or trendy statement. Being “local” means analyzing every area of our business to reveal how we can accelerate and achieve lasting and impactful change.

Kind to your Skin means working directly with the farmers who supply our ingredients. It means selecting only the purest skin-loving, nurturing and balancing ingredients Mother Nature has to offer. Our fundamental ingredients are wild harvested and organically grown from real people with sustainably operated farms.

Being Kind to the Earth takes many shapes and forms. The global impact of purchasing and selling fair trade products is undeniable. We work closely with Fair Trade Calgary to encourage and integrate ethical purchasing habits and educate Calgarians about local fair-trade efforts around our city. Our desire to create a vibrant and ethical tomorrow doesn’t stop here. Belonging to REAP (which stands for: Respect for the Earth and All People), validates our commitment to work directly with producers of our products. This local not-for-profit organization is dedicated to helping locally-owned businesses that care about the community and the planet. Their “Be Local” tagline and stickers help you identify which stores in Calgary are part of the local movement. The world could use a little more authenticity and that’s when organizations like REAP come in to save the day. Understanding the influence of our dollar brings all of us one step closer to sustainable change. We are always mindful of our commitment to safeguard the environment through conservation and conscious operation.

Our commitment to be Kind to Women means creating change by empowering the female leaders of tomorrow. Our desire to see women in positions of influence inspired us to create the Ellie Bianca Woman Scholarship. Awarded to a single mother enrolled in post-secondary education at any Canadian university, we want to be a part of your unique journey. On average 28% of single mothers who attend university graduate – together let’s make this number double within the next five years.

We are proud to be from Calgary. Creating lasting and meaningful relationships with local partners is a rewarding feeling. We have been so grateful to be welcomed with open arms by our partners as we continue to grow this inspiring and paradigm-shifting community. Ellie Bianca is dedicated to giving back to the community, so it is our mandate to do regular campaigns to promote and support for the local community alongside our incredible retailers. To put it simply, our retailers have become family. The clientele at Amaranth desire local products made with integrity and we are now available in all four locations. Upon meeting the owner of Willow Natural Foods in Inglewood, Ellie Bianca was instantly welcomed into her store. Our most recent partnership with Blush Lane is testament to how quickly our

community has grown and encourages the expansion of our shared goal of a better tomorrow. The authentic, personal relationships we have developed have planted us deep into our home and we continue to show our gratitude by supporting our city.

These are just a few of the people that have believed in what Ellie Bianca stands for and desire to be the change makers of tomorrow. Our monthly in-store event attendee numbers have grown and it is nice to see familiar faces and many more new people each time. Creating an inclusive, empowering and inspiring environment is what empowers and drives us to always strive for excellence in every aspect of our business

From the harvest to the home, being Kind to your Skin | Kind to the Earth | Kind to Women is undeniably our infinite commitment. Implementing sustainable business practices governed by a healthy social-conscious and appetite for environmental sustainability creates a brighter tomorrow for everyone. Thinking globally is how this Calgary-based skincare company acts locally.

 Locally yours,

Ellie Bianca


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