Let's celebrate Father’s Day by breaking the taboo on Men indulging in Self-Care

June 06, 2021

Let's celebrate Father’s Day by breaking the taboo on  Men indulging in Self-Care

Men are usually pushed to maintain a strong façade, be more rugged and tough and are led to believe that it is not masculine enough to indulge in self-care or that they simply do not need any skincare products. As a result, men often use skincare products in secret, or borrow products from the women they live with.

Ellie Bianca Men

As we celebrate Father’s Day in June, Ellie Bianca wants to break the taboo on men taking care of themselves. No matter what age, gender or skin type, taking care of your mind and body, and the largest organ i.e. your skin, is important for a healthy life. While the brand has always championed the issues of women empowerment and diversity, this month they are celebrating the great dads and men who have shown how they can be good allies and uplift the women around them.

Ellie Bianca Men Skincare Line

Give the man in your life the gift that keeps him looking his best. For a limited time, we have curated three special Father’s Day Bundles, fit for any dad.

Man of Steel $74.99 (Originally $97.99)

Looking for the perfect Father’s Day Gift for your man? This specially curated bundle has everything he needs, including our top of the line skincare products for your Man of Steel.

Featuring: ⁠
Naked Face Oil
Naked Bath Salts
Naked Liquid Hand Soap
Naked Lip Balm Tin

What better way to kick off the Father’s Day weekend than indulging in a relaxing bath with our Naked Bath Salts followed by the Naked Face Oil and Lip Balm- the perfect moisturizer and prep before heading out in the sun. Let’s not forget those sturdy hands that could do with some pampering with our nourishing Naked Liquid Hand Soap.

Man of Steel

Grill Father $44.99 (Originally $57.99)

If he’s all about that rise and grind, with this bundle your man will be turning heads left and right at the next BBQ, family hike, or adventure with his buddies. While he’s all about fitness, it’s time to take care of the largest organ, the skin and help it recover and prep for the next time he’s out and about.

- Naked Lip Balm Tin
- Naked Face Oil

Start off with the all-in-one cleaner and moisturizer, our Naked Face oil- This formula will help clean out those pores and any dirt build-up, while doubling up as a soothing moisturizer and SPF barrier. Don’t forget the nourishing finish for those peckers with our Naked Lip Balm

Grill Father

The Tribute  $14.99 (Originally $20.99)

LJ, the father of our founder Evelyne, was a man ahead of his time. He practiced routines such as washing hands meticulously and maintaining a healthy personal space throughout his life. Evelyne later adopted these traits, making it an everlasting ritual inspired by her father.⁠ LJ taught Evelyne a lot of things, and one of them is being solution-oriented, and we dedicate this bundle to him this Father’s Day, featuring our Eucalyptus Mint Hand Soap, his favorite fragrance.

Featuring: ⁠ 

- Eucalyptus Mint Liquid Hand Soap
- All-Natural Hand Sanitizer with Hyaluronic Acid & Grapefruit Essential Oil

The Tribute

Which Gift Bundle are you giving to your man this year?


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